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I made a Hauser '37 style classical guitar as part of an online guitar making class organized by David Schramm.

I had no previous woodworking experience so my expectations were pretty low. To my great surprise, the guitar I made ended up being a fine sounding and very playable instrument.

The top is made of Western Red Cedar, the back and sides are Alaskan Yellow Cedar. It has an Ebony fingerboard and Spanish Cedar neck.

The Guitar, click on the image for more photos

You can see the guitar in action in the 2004 Classical guitar playtest organized by the Seattle Luthier Group.

The performer is Brett Johnson, who is a great Seattle area classical guitarist. He played the instruments and we had discussions about them.
As I also took my 2002 Schramm Hauser Guitar to the play test, I was able to make this montage from his two performances. Though my guitar is based on Schramm's, but it is made from different woods (and not as skillfully I am sure) so it sounds very different.

Pictures I took while making the classical guitar

Lesson one - Starting the Neck Lesson two - Gluing the Headplate
Lesson three - Making the Headstock Lesson four - Drilling The Headstock
Lesson five - The Heel Lesson six - Thinning and Gluing the Top
Lesson seven - Inlaying the Rosette Lesson eight - Bracing the Top
Lesson nine - Attaching the Top to the Neck Lesson ten - Making of the Solera 
Lesson eleven - The Sides Lesson twelve - The Lining
Lesson thirteen - Joining the Back Lesson fourteen - Bracing the Back
Lesson fifteen - Attaching the Back Lesson sixteen - Binding
Lesson seventeen - Fingerboard Lesson eighteen - Shaping the Neck and Fretting
Lesson nineteen - Leveling and Dressing the Frets Lesson twenty - Making the Bridge
Lesson twenty-one - Final sanding and Finish Prep Lesson twenty-two - French Polishing
Lesson twenty-three - Attaching the bridge Lesson twenty-four - Final Setup

Info, Drawings, Tables and Calculators

Hauser 37 interpolated side height table

Radiused Form Calculator


Susan's Mask

Cello Repair


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